Returning home from a recent business trip I was talking to the guy that was seated next to
me on the plane. We were talking about alot of things then the subject of computers came
up. I asked if he had heard of Linux...he said, "Yea...that's Charlie Browns brother isn't it?"
For those unfamiliar with Linux, Linux is an operating system. Most people in the know
consider Linux to be a Unix clone. Linux is a very powerful, multi user, multi tasking
operating system that has become very popular on the Internet. Although Linux can be
purchased at your local computer store for a fee, it can be downloaded over the internet
for free. Its reliability, security, performance and low cost have made it an excellent pick
for those who would like to run their own WEB server.
Operating System:RedHat Linux
Servers:DNS, APACHE, FTP, SAMBA, IP Masquerading
Motherboard:ASUS CUBX SOCKET 370
Hard Disk:MAXTOR 20G 7200RPM IDE UDMA 100
Ethernet Cards:Linksys
Memory:128Meg PC100 16M*8 SDRAM
Router:ZyXel Prestige
Case:19" Professional Rack Mount

After six months of study and many sleepless nights I have just barely scratched the surface
of RedHat Linux. I currently have 15 Linux books that have been thoroughly scavenged for
meaningful information. I consider Linux to be an "ongoing" project that I will most likely
never finish. My next Linux project is to run a TNOS server that will connect my Packet Radio
BBS into the Internet.